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Lush Tea Tree Water & Ultrabland Product Review

3 Jul

So about three months ago, I decided to take a trip into my local Lush store. Instead of aimlessly wandering around, breathing in the wonderful Lushy smells, occasionally stopping to look at a particularly extravagant new product, I thought I’d actually buy something (much to the pleasure of my more experienced Lush buying friends). I’ve always been reluctant to jump on the band wagon.

I told the (rather cute) salesman that I wanted a new cleanser and toner, and he suggested their Tea Tree Water and Ultrabland cleanser, as they were the most popular with most of their customers. I had previously researched their products so I knew that they were supposed to be good, so I said I’d give them a try.

Tea Tree Water.

I was a bit hesitant at first about the cleanser as I had never used one with a face mask-like consistency. I was also not keen on the thought of putting this goop on my fully make uped face.

After getting over the initial discomfort of putting the product on my face, I saw that it did take off my make up, but it wasn’t easy. Nothing like your Lancome eye makeup removers where you can swipe off your eyes in one swish I can tell you. But it does take it off. I also noticed that the cleanser left an oily residue on my skin. With already very oily/combination skin you can understand my reaction of not wanting any other unnecessary oils on my face.

I remembered the salesman told me that most people use the toner in conjunction with the cleanser, so I spritzed a bit of the toner on a cotton pad and washed it over my face. To my delight, it has taken away even more of my make up (the tiny bit that the cleanser had missed) and had made my skin feel clean, and fresh!

Using these products along with my moisturizer everyday and night began to be a pleasure, after I decided that I should wash my face first before using the cleanser, then leave it to remove the rest of my make up. this made things a lot smoother. I noticed that after a few weeks, my usually oily skin had become much more regulated, and my spots were a lot less frequent. My face felt softer, and healthier.


The salesman said that the products would last about 6 months, (I got the smallest sizes) but I knew that was a sales ploy straight off. However they do last you a good three months, and they are definitely worth it. They’re made with such natural ingredients (and in some cases, so few!) that they’re bound to be good for your skin.

After being initially skeptical, I’m now willing to say it loud and proud: I’m a massive Lush convert. Any other face regime now seems a tragedy in comparison. Sadly, I have run out of the products now and don’t have my local store in Bournemouth anymore as I’m at home in Wexford! Fortunately, you can buy them in their online shop here, I just hope I’m not too tempted and buy everything!

FYI: I have written this same post about three times now as I kept pressing wrong buttons by accident and not saving it, it’s the most disheartening feeling ever! And since it’s my first post I really wanted to make it good but I’ve written this so many times it may have killed it a little. Either way, it’s done now, and I’m relatively happy.  Hope you guys enjoy 🙂

Rachel x