Hello! My name’s Rachel Morris and I’m currently studying Multimedia Journalism at Bournemouth University. Over the last year I’ve realized that my passion for writing lives within the refines of online beauty journalism. I also have a soft spot for reviewing bands and occasionally the odd show, but rest assured my aim in this game is to show everyone just how FabYouLush(ignore the cringe, ignore the cringe) they can be, and hopefully I’ll stop rhyming like some sort of cheap untalented Dr.Seuss knock off. On this page I will be reviewing various beauty products and comparing them to other more reputable brands. I’m going to tidy this page up a bit after I get going.

Have a read, if you please!

You can receive live updates of my whereabouts (probably just sitting at home with my cat, student life…) and current emotional state by following me on Twitter HOWEVER I will warn you this account contains a lot of profanity. (I’m Irish, what do you expect?)

Lots’a’love, Rachel.


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